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We implement, develop and integrate different technologies and IT solutions as point of sale to automate your processes to the maximum.

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Odoo Point of Sale

It is designed to manage customer relationships and store all customer information, allowing for individualized tracking.


Point of Sale both online and offline

Odoo Point of Sale continues to work even when offline so your store's operation is not stopped at any time.

Scenarios where you can use Point of Sale: Stores (Clothing, electronics, accessories, etc.) and restaurants (Bar, fast food, etc.).

An interface like Odoo Point of Sale is designed to do the job more efficiently and in less time. You will be able to split invoices, print orders for different areas and serve several customers at the same time.

The point of sale contains a floor plan which will show you the location of the customers, the free tables, who is still waiting for the food and how much space is left.

Punto de venta Odoo

Generate customer loyalty


At the point-of-sale you can manage points, gift cards, discounts, and loyalty programs for your customers. In addition, you can send them special offers via email and issue invoices immediately with Odoo.

Moreover, you will have all the visibility of your inventory to know your available or missing products.

Point of sale compatible with any hardware (IoT)

No need for any specific software. It is possible to integrate Odoo Point of Sale with any hardware thanks to IoT box (Internet of Things).

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Punto de venta Odoo
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