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Cruzr is the state-of-the-art service robot that helps improve your company's processes.

Image recognition

Automatic navigation

Voice recognition

Obstacle avoidance


Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Multiple languages

Customer interaction

Humanoid design

Odoo • Imagen y texto

Image recognition can detect:

  • Marks or objects

  • Previously stored faces

  • Bar codes

  • QR codes

  • Detection between people or objects

Cruzr can compare and learn from other images through automatic training.



                Promote your brand and attract more customers to your company. Cruzr is able to attract more customers and promote your brand this will make your sales increase and will be a distinctive for your company.

                Cruzr can:

                • Dance

                • Sing

                • Make faces

                • Route promotions 

                • Interact with your customers

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                The ideal assistant for airports, department stores and supermarkets.

                Cruzr will give information to customers about:

                • The products

                • Places and areas

                • Important information

                • Promotions

                • Satisfaction surveys

                Your customers will be captivated by Cruzr, give that touch of technology to your company.



                Give your company the plus it needs, Cruzr will help you in your conferences, video calls and business presentations, you can also make Cruzr your assistant within your organization which can give timely information and control staff access, these and many other things are designed for business robotic development. 


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