Who are we?

Integritas we are a 100% Mexican company with more than 10 years of experience in Information Technology, software development and implementation of open source systems, where we create unique solutions to complex problems. 

Thanks to the experience of our team and the adoption of our slogan ¡Si puedes imaginarlo, podemos programarlo! (If you can imagine it, we can program it),  which functions as the heart of the company, we are able to create comprehensive and disruptive solutions that generate great added value to our customers.


If you can imagine it, we can program it


Together with our customers, to achieve the necessary evolution to enter the new era of generalized process automation through integration with the most advanced technologies in the market (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Service Robots, Depth Camera, etc.) while creating new functions and roles that generate or maintain the workforce and offer an improvement in the quality of life of employees.

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To help shape the new cultures where technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Service Robots, etc. are involved as a basic part of the companies, but always protecting the employment by designing and creating new evolved functions to be executed that allow a superior quality of life.

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It is our core value, as this is the essence of our company and the meaning of our brand “Integritas”.


We know how to comply with what we have agreed, it defines us as a reliable company.


Our slogan always forces us to innovate in order to optimize processes, even if they seem impossible and go beyond common thinking.


We like to do things right from the beginning (something essential in the developments because they are never the same).

Value proposition


We create unique solutions to simple and complex problems


We offer end-to-end solutions that can include many technologies at once; IoT (3D sensors, Contactless, etc.) AI, ERP, chatbots, apps, etc.


We are experts in optimizing and automating processes. We focus on user experience and achieve 100% automation.


The operation of our clients is our #1 priority: we offer a very personalized and agile attention at all times.

Expertise in business processes

Mastery of technologies

Integral and innovative solutions

Why choose  Integritas as your provider?

Because we are disruptive, we create integral, unique and innovative solutions that may include high quality development and different technologies with the objective of solving complex problems.


We develop customized solutions that can include various technologies to achieve your goals.


Implementamos soluciones de gran calidad que se adecuan a las necesidades de tu negocio


Lo que es importante para ti, lo es para nosotros. Tu operación es nuestra prioridad #1


We are experts in simplifying, optimizing and automating processes.


We integrate solutions with different technologies (software and hardware).


We are experts in user interface and user experience

Competitive advantages

We have expertise in systems development to guarantee a 100% functional software.

We manage the entire project administration

We work together with you to have a constant feedback and achieve what you really want

We have a Q&A area for quality assurance.


Our team is fully trained, so we guarantee the success of your project.

Strategic Alliances


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